house red wine                          175ml 250ml bottle

1. Cabarnet sauvignon                                     5.95   6.95      21

This is a great value cabarnet sauvignon with

aromas of spicy cassis,

Fallowed by black fruit aromas (france)


2. merlot                                                       5.95   6.95      22

A range of fresh flavour such as plum, cherries,

blackberries with tones

Of black pepper, this wine has low tannin levels



3. shiraz                                                        5.95   6.95      21

This classic Australian shiraz is packed with ripe

cherry and raspberry

Flavours with pepper spice finish



4. rioja                                                          5.95   7.25      22

A bright wine with red berry aromas underscored

by notes of Liquorice



5. pinot noir                                                   5.95   6.95      21

Aromas of berries, black cherries and sweet fruits

mix with hints

Of toasty oak, fine tannins gives a rich texture in

the mouth



6. Malbec                                                       6.75   7.95     23

Full bodied wine ripe red fruits flavour and an

elegant touch of Smoke and vanilla



7. Terrazas reserve malbec                               9.75   12.50    37

Estate grown wine from vineyards that have an

average of 45 years, A plushly textured wine with

fine tannins and typical notes of violets,

Black cherries, plums and chocolate



8. Orso Bruno Rosso d’italia                                5.95    6.95    21

This wine has a light bauquet with soft, rounded

fruit flavours




house white wine


9. chenin blanc                                                                5.95    6.95     21

A fresh and succulent wine, off dry with crisp stone

fruit Flavours with a hint of tropical reichness

(south Africa)

10. chardonnay                                                                 5.95    6.95    20

Fresh and well balanced, this fruit driven chardonnay

has plenty of  tropical fruit flavours of melons and peach

with rich aromas



11. sauvignon blanc                                                           5.95    6.95    21

Crisp and dry on the palate initially then leads to

a delicate fruitiness

That is simply delicious



12. pinot grigio                                                                  5.75    7.25     22

Typical pinot grigio with a brilliant straw yellow

colour with an almond Aftertaste, its bouquet is

intense and characteristic of the best in

Pinot grigio



13. sauvignon blanc                                                          6.95    8.95    26

This luscious sauvignon blanc combines intense

white peach and Nectarine aromas with beautiful

freshness to provide a full flavour and

Lingering finish

(new Zealand)


14. Chablis                                                                         7.05   9.05   27

Bone dry white wine that has a full steely palate, a classic


house rose

15. pinot grigio rose                                                             5.95   6.95    21

The height of fashion, light fresh strawberry

flavours, very easy drinking


16. white zinfandel rose                                                      5.85   6.95    22

This delicious zinfandel displays ripe strawberry and

raspberry fruit aromas,

Very moreish, perfect!